Sunday, December 27, 2015

Small But Blessed Christmas in the Memphis TN Area

Our trip included staying in a motel in Pearl, Mississippi, and even included visiting with a few people at Tom's and The Room.  We have a habit of getting up with the chickens and going to bed with them also.  This does not work very well with younger adults and even some people who just have established a different schedule they like instead.

When we first moved to Alabama, our next door neighbor, Dave Wesp, told me his typical schedule called for him staying up until 2 A.M. watching TV and then arising around 10 A.M.  Rarely will you find people who have the "chickens schedule" unless they have to because of employment.  So, we realize that we are two odd birds and prefer staying in motels.

On the second day of our Christmas trip, we made it to Olive Branch, MS, and stayed at a Super 8 motel that had the perk of being a short walking distance from a bar.  In other words, we did not get out in the traffic once we settled into our room.

On the last two days of our trip, we stayed in Comfort Inn also in Olive Branch.

On Christmas Eve, we shared a meal that our oldest daughter, Angie Smith, had prepared.  For the first time ever, we dined with all three grown grandchildren.  The conversation included, among other subjects, the fact that parts of Mississippi had much damage from tornados.  I should add here that the weather was not at all seasonal with temps climbing into the 80s. Neal Thomas is a storm chaser and described what the area around Holly Springs was like.  Many buildings were destroyed.  People were injured and some deaths occurred as a result also.

The next day as we traveled all the way back to our Sweet Home Alabama, it rained off and on and visibility was even bad at times.

The saying still holds true for us after living in Coastal Alabama for eight-plus years.

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