Wednesday, January 26, 2011

David's Catfish House

WHEN? Wednesday · January 26

WHERE? David's Catfish House · Spanish Fort, Alabama


It took us awhile to discover a place to eat fried catfish in our new home. For awhile, there was a take-out place in Foley we patronized when we needed a fried catfish fix, but the BP oil spill very likely put an end to that like it affected other Coastal Alabama businesses. At any rate, it closed. David's Catfish House in Spanish Fort is now the closest place for good fried catfish. Milton, Florida, has a location we may look up one of these days.

From the website:

Back in 1983 David and Sadie Ross started serving food from their now famous menu. Nearly a quarter century later, the catfish and cheese grits have been flying out of the kitchen. In fact, the dish has been named one of the 100 Dishes to Eat in Alabama Before You Die by the Alabama Bureau of Tourism and Travel for two consecutive years.

Not bad for a mom and pop start-up that began in Waynesboro, Mississippi.

Three years after opening and seeing a market in dire need of great food, David and Sadie moved their restaurant to Monroeville, Alabama, where its headquartered today.

If you're hungry for some real, down-home cooking, bring your appetite to any of our six David's Catfish Houses locations.

If fried catfish is not what you're looking for, take a look at David's Catfish House Menu(pdf). The menu at Spanish Fort seemed to offer other items when we looked at it, but we knew what we came for.

Note: If you are expecting to have an alcoholic beverage with your meal, it does not look like that is available.

When we lived in Jackson, Mississippi, we got our fix at Cock of the Walk, on a fairly regular basis. Their menu is very limited, but they had what we wanted along with the nice atmosphere of being on the water. We enjoyed dining there at least once since we've been in Alabama. Actually it may have been shortly before we settled in Alabama. Possibly the last time we were there was on December 10, 2007, during the Christmas Season. The photos from that visit may be seen in a Flickr slideshow at:

Cock of the Walk on the Ross Barnett Reservoir