Monday, April 30, 2007

Caution: Amish Crossing

WHEN? Monday evening · April 30

WHERE? Emporia, Kansas · find us on the map

Airstream parked at: Emporia RV Park

CAUTION:  Amish CrossingWith each passing mile, Wendell becomes more comfortable driving a full-size RV ... that's pulling an SUV.

Departed Kansas in time to avoid its recent F-5 tornados. Whew!

Kansas USA

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Too big to see it all

WHEN? Sunday · April 29

WHERE? Springfield, Missouri · find us on the map

Airstream parked at: Route 66 KOA

Over 300,000 square feet of something-for-everyone at Bass Pro Shops® Outdoor World. Mae Dean especially enjoyed its wildlife museum and art gallery. Before leaving, she and Wendell dined at Hemingway's, a fancy-schmancy restaurant located inside the megastore.

But it looks so tiny here ...Wendell surrounded by dears(?) at Outdoor World

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Heads up!

WHEN? Saturday · April 28

WHERE? Sikeston, Missouri · find us on the map

Airstream parked at: Hinton RV Park

Play with your
food at . . .
Home of the Throwed Rolls

No visit to Sikeston is complete without dining at Lambert's Cafe, famous for its throwed rolls. The 45-minute wait to be seated was surprisingly short for a Saturday evening, which included its share of tour-bus groups and parties of 20+ diners. A fun tourist trap!

Friday, April 27, 2007

And they're off!

WHEN? Friday · April 27

WHERE? Coldwater, Mississippi · find us on the map

Airstream parked at: Memphis South Campground & RV Park, which featured an impressive laundry room and bath house.

Since Carla lives in a neighboring county, she was allowed to take a number of items home that won't be needed in the RV over the summer.

Full-Time RVers – with the t-shirts to prove it!
Mae Dean even wore a nametag identifying her as an RVer
The LandYacht captain and his Mate

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Eat my dust!

WHEN? Thursday · April 26

WHERE? Jackson, Mississippi · find us on the map

Airstream parked at: LeFleur's Bluff just outside of Jackson

Mae Dean and Wendell have been living in their RV for the past two weeks while removing the remaining items from their condo. It's been tedious and exhausting work, but they're pleased that a buyer's been found.

In spite of calling Jackson home for over 20 years, their upcoming travel expectations make it easy to leave behind. Wendell has carefully planned a driving route so that they'll arrive in the Devils Tower area during the first week of May.

Home Sweet Home
Airstream and Saturn ready for takeoff

Is your knowledge of Devils Tower limited to Close Encounters of the Third Kind?

Follow this Devils Tower link to learn more