Monday, December 3, 2012

Last Friday the TV weather man told us that the average temperature during November had been 3 degrees below normal. I’m not surprised since we had a few mornings where the lows were in the mid to high 30’s and highs only in the mid 50’s. I’m happy to see that things have changed during the first few days of December.

The past two days the highs have been in the low 70’s and the predicted high for today is 76° with lots of sunshine. Just the way it should be down here in Lower South Alabama. /wds

Friday, November 16, 2012


Recently we've discovered that many of the videos on our travel blog posts no longer play. When one realizes that Blogger is a free way to blog and that frequently YouTube videos cease to work for whatever reason, let us announce that we will not likely go back and try to get them to work.

Blogging, itself, really takes too much of our time anyway. We certainly do not have the time to try to make those that no longer work viewable. Most of all of this is beyond our control anyway. :( :((

Northern Maine Armchair Travel

Thanks to Alvey Pelletier in Maine and his Facebook friend, Doris Perreault Pelletier, we have this 5.36 minute-video to enjoy. The beautiful scenes are accompanied by Amazing Grace background music created by Brian Mosher specifically for their use in this YouTube video.
Northern Maine Scenes-Amazing Grace

These pictures and many DVDs can be viewed at Paul Cyr Photography

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Missed it in 2005

As time has gone by, we've realized we should have seen Monument Valley. The photo we use for this blog is one of our favorites, but it was taken on a trip before we got into blogging. The trip we took out west was so good, we decided we'd love to RV fulltime if we just had something bigger than our Dutchmen travel trailer.

We'd planned to go into fulltiming in 2006, but it had to be postponed for health reasons. Ever since we left in our Airstream Land Yacht in the spring of 2007, we've felt like we were on a perpetual vacation. Now, we're settled in Lower Alabama, but we still love getting out and seeing the sights.

This video tells you what we missed on the day we bypassed Monument Valley on October 5, 2005, because we were in such a hurry to get to the Grand Canyon.

Monument Valley Sunrise to Moonrise 4.5 min.

Saturday, August 25, 2012


BLUE MOON by Photojet84
BLUE MOON, a photo by Photojet84 on Flickr.

We have not traveled to the moon, but we know who has and honor his memory.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Home of Claude Monet

Ever since I visited the Waverly Mansion near Columbus, Mississippi, I have known I loved to visit old homes. Today was the first time I knew this much about the home of the painter, Claude Monet, when I received a powerpoint attached to an email. At that point I thought of numerous people who would probably enjoy viewing it.

As luck would have it, I found the same show on YouTube and made an immediate decision that if I ever did travel to France, this would be a place I would want to visit.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


You must know that we've never been to Australia, but we know people who have visited there. Seems like our bro-in-law has visited there twice and had rave reviews about those visits.

Well, I found enough today to decide to include this post as armchair travel.

Here's the diary of a family who appears to have traveled lots and their description opened my eyes to things I had never considered. Can you imagine a kankaroo on a beach? See their comments at:
Diamond Head, Crowdy Bay National Park: Beach Kangaroos.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Our Trip to Branson, Missouri

We've been RVing since 2004, but this blog did not begin until April of 2007. We were reminded of a very enjoyable vacation we took before we even had an RV. It took place in 2001 in Branson, Missouri.

Branson is known for their many theaters and live shows to enjoy. We took in at least three of those shows, and I've found some photos from that trip to share.
Branson 2001

We did look much younger back then. After all, eleven years does make a difference.

While in Branson, we also spent a day at an amuzement park -- Silver Dollar City.

The most spectacular and most expensive show we saw was a dance show similar to River Dance. If you ever have a chance to see such a show, you'll never forget it.

Apparently Branson will be celebrating their 100th year next month.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Don't Let Me Miss The Glory

Haven't done any traveling lately, but just driving down the road one can see glory in the sky. In the photo above while traveling on Highway 98 from Magnolia Springs, Alabama, to where we live west of there in the country, this photo opportunity presented itself. The darker cloud looks like a great big alligator to me, but we've often seen a sky that was just plain pretty, which makes us exclaim, "would you look at that."

This video of Gordon Mote with many accompanying photographs has the message of the song as well as photographs to illustrate the many facets of the Glory of God, our Creator.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

How Great Thou Art

Today would have been Golda Leno Lockhart Ellington's 97th birthday, and this blog post, which contains one of her favorite hymns, is dedicated to her. She liked to travel as long as she was able to do so, but she probably liked being with family more.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Spring Break of 2012

Not much needs to be written for this post. It was just a beautiful day to walk on the beach with a temperature of 80 degrees. Plenty of people were enjoying it on March 16th. This was the public beach in Gulf Shores, Alabama. The video on Flickr did not work that well for me. Maybe this will work better.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Coastal Choral Snowbird Serenade

WHEN? Saturday · February 25

WHERE? First Baptist Church of Gulf Shores, Alabama

WHAT? Coastal Chorale

This afternoon's Snowbird Serenade performance featured many familiar songs along with several others I had not heard, and all were beautifully done.

The last song performed was "The Phantom of the Opera Medley" for which the scene was set at the beginning of the concert when all the members had on masquerade masks.

Perhaps you can get a feel for it by watching this video:
The Phantom of the Opera

I always enjoy seeing this group perform. This time, my friend, Roger, went with me, and it was his first time to attend one of their performances.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

An Affair To Forget

This post is really about Mae Dean but certainly affected both of our lives for nine days of hospitalization and is still affecting both of our lives. The closest happening I can think of that is similar is a very bad dream. But, dreams are not real. At the time, they seem real, but eventually one wakes up and realizes it was only a dream.

Here's the story line. You have made plans to have a routine colonoscopy procedure just because you cannot come up with enough information from the one you had several years ago. You cannot remember the doctor's name who performed the procedure and only remember very little details as to the results of it. Some people really get "up tight" when they have to have one or are told they should have one, but that was not how I felt about it. I guess I thought it was a necessary evil as one ages. They told me I should have another one in 10 years. With that being all I recalled, my primary physician and I agreed that it would be good to just go ahead and have one for the record.

On Monday, January 9, I went in to have this done. They put you out while it is in progress and when you wake up, it's over. This went according to plan, but, at some point, early in the procedure, something went wrong. A surgeon was called in to make sure things were handled in the safest way possible, so when I awoke, I was in a hospital room. Apparently I had even been in ICU for a time. Here's where this is not my experience alone but one shared with WD. I would not want to change places with him because, although both of us were helpless to control the outcome (and still are), I would not envy anyone who found themselves in a situation over which they had no control and just wait. We waited for 9 days before the doctors were satisfied to discharge me from the hospital.

I do understand they were waiting for certain things to occur before they discharged me. It was very apparent they were covering all possible bases as to things that might need attention and could cause problems.

Other than one person who was a nurse or what I'll call a nurse assistant, I find no fault with any of the hospital employees.

Even though I have titled this "An Affair To Forget," I will never forget it and have determined it is not wise to call any medical procedure "routine."