Saturday, February 25, 2012

Coastal Choral Snowbird Serenade

WHEN? Saturday · February 25

WHERE? First Baptist Church of Gulf Shores, Alabama

WHAT? Coastal Chorale

This afternoon's Snowbird Serenade performance featured many familiar songs along with several others I had not heard, and all were beautifully done.

The last song performed was "The Phantom of the Opera Medley" for which the scene was set at the beginning of the concert when all the members had on masquerade masks.

Perhaps you can get a feel for it by watching this video:
The Phantom of the Opera

I always enjoy seeing this group perform. This time, my friend, Roger, went with me, and it was his first time to attend one of their performances.


  1. Welcome back! It's good to see you partaking again. Your last post was short on details, and a bit unnerving. I'm sure I wasn't the only follower who was worried about you, but it's a pleasure to be seeing you here again. Beautiful post, by the way. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Glad to hear from you, my blogger friend. Do not worry about me. I'm getting healthier each day. I may not blog as much as I once did, but I'm reading again, which had been crowded out of my life by time spent blogging. We do need to revised this blog some because we sold our motor home and what travels we do are sidelined until I am totally healthy again. Spring is trying very hard to move on in here in Lower Alabama.

    2. That's heartening news. It's a massive change to give up something like a motor home, and of course, I have no idea whether it was something you wanted to do, but no matter what, change is opportunity, and just make sure this new opportunity opens doors that work in your favor. Catch my post, "Thrive in the Chaos" to see that expressed a little more clearly...

      Anyway, glad you're getting better; enjoy the early spring, and everything else besides!

    3. This is the first sermon in 2012 that has been added to Wells UMC's website this year. Think you'll see what I miss and why it's been hard to find another church -- think it's about 10 minutes long.

  2. I went to that concert! A bunch of us from our church went, but we never found the others until intermission.
    It was a lovely concert! I heard their Christmas concert one year at Fairhope FBC, too.