Saturday, January 31, 2015

Whirlwind Trip To Texas

Just to grab your attention, we're putting a pleasant photo in this blog now.

Putting this post on our travel blog is really a duplication of our Flickr photo album -- almost. Let us just tell you that we (with Jerry and Ella Jane) crammed in just about as much as oldsters can in three days in the Arlington, Texas, area. It usually takes us the better part of two days to make a trip from Foley, Alabama, to Arlington, Texas. So, that's what we did.

The Hatfield's kept apologizing for the fact that some time was spent showing their house and other real estate sales activities so that they could finalize a contract for the sale of their current home. That's really why we made the trip because it had been quite some time since we had visited with them. It was pretty much now or never unless we visited them later in the year in California.

We really did have a good visit -- so much so that the weight scales will likely reveal a sizable increase from all the delicious food we consumed while in Texas and on the way to and from there. After all, isn't that a good part of what enjoyment is? Trying to get you (any readers we may have) to agree with us.

We'll just close with the photos we took because they speak for themselves.

2015 Texas Trip

P.S.: Hope you can comprehend how interesting the tour of the Money Factory was without any photos. A picture from the parking lot showed what a beautiful Texas sky with puffy Texas clouds occurred on that day. Mae Dean added to her T-shirt collection that day with "the buck starts here"