Friday, September 28, 2007

Home of the Original Recipe

WHEN? Friday · September 28

WHERE? London, Kentucky · find us on the map

Mae Dean and Wendell
toured the
Kentucky Fried Chicken Museum

* * * *

then ate lunch
where it all began:

Sanders Cafe still looks like it did in 1949

Colonel Sanders poses for a photo op with Wendell

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Hot off the presses

WHEN? Tuesday · September 25

WHAT? This edition's celebrity RVer

The Gypsy Journal September-October issue includes a photo of this Devils Tower celebrity after editor Nick Russell's summer visit to Wyoming:

Gypsy Journal

Wendell's photo accompanied a well-written article about Devils Tower.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Local sightseeing

WHEN? Monday · September 17

WHERE? Jamestown, Kentucky · find us on the map

Kentucky State Parks

Kentucky's preservation and presentation of its natural beauty and resources are impressive. After today's visit to Lake Cumberland State Resort Park, Wendell and Mae Dean intend to return to the area at least once more for a closer look.

Lake Cumberland photo courtesy of the park's impressive website photo gallery

Today's travels also included a stop at Rock House Natural Bridge, located along the banks of the Cumberland River. Kentucky ranks second only to Utah for natural arches, and nearly fifty of them are featured on the Natural Arch and Bridge Society's website.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

RVing from different angle

WHEN? Thursday · September 13

WHERE? Jamestown, Kentucky · find us on the map

Wendell and Mae Dean's newest assignment means fewer work hours and a variety of duties at Wolf Creek National Fish Hatchery. For the most part, they work out of the hatchery's fancy new Visitor / Environmental Education Center.

U. S. Fish & Wildlife Service

Mae Dean particularly recommends the hatchery's short-but-sweet virtual tour.

Looking SO office-casual in their U. S. Fish & Wildlife Service polos

See more Wolf Creek Fish Hatchery photos on flickr

Visitor / Environmental Education Center

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The world's longest cave

WHEN? Wednesday · September 12

WHERE? Mammoth Cave, Kentucky · find us on the map

This afternoon's visit to Mammoth Cave National Park included a guided tour with lots of oooh and aaah views.

See more Mammoth Cave photos on flickr

Monday, September 10, 2007

The old home place

WHEN? Monday · September 10

WHERE? Bloomington, Illinois · find us on the map

While driving through Illinois, Wendell and Mae Dean paid a reminiscent visit to Bloomington:

The old home place on Julie Drive

The recent photo above doesn't indicate whether Mae Dean's tulips still bloom in the flower garden each Spring like in this 1968 snapshot:

Carla and Angie are showing off potted ivies in a snapshot that also shows off Mae Dean's tulips

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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Anyone for potted lunchmeat?

WHEN? Saturday · September 8

WHERE? Austin, Minnesota · AKA SpamTownUSA · find us on the map

Airstream parked at: Beaver Trails Campground & RV Park


Until today's visit to Minnesota's Spam™ Museum, Wendell and Mae Dean would've never thunk that there's so much to learn about potted lunchmeat — or that it could be so much fun.

Spam eaters in American history

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Friday, September 7, 2007

Like kids in a candy store

There's even a place to eat at in here

WHEN? Friday · September 7 · (today's second post)

WHERE? Mitchell, South Dakota · find us on the map

Lots of RVing goodies are available at Cabela's impressive 80,000 square-foot showroom, where Wendell and Mae Dean purchased a new Coleman stove.

Are people who shop at Cabela's called 'Cabelers'?

See more Cabela's photos on flickr

Corny but impressive

Corncob Art panorama

WHEN? Friday · September 7 (today's first post)

WHERE? Mitchell, South Dakota · find us on the map

Airstream parked at: Rondee's Campground

World's Only Corn Palace

Wheeeee! Wendell and Mae Dean discovered the
a-maize-ing ear-chitecture of Mitchell Corn Palace.

Toldja it was corny ...

Mitchell Corn Palace

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Thursday, September 6, 2007

A warm wallcome

WHEN? Thursday · September 6 ·

WHERE? Wall, South Dakota · find us on the map


Servicing the RV in South Dakota meant a second opportunity to shop for souvenirs at Wall Drug, where no visit is complete without posing alongside some of its playful photo ops:

Rodeo QueenComparing Hands
The WagoneerWagons Ho!When the Squaw's looking for TP ... make plans to be outReal Mississippians have some Injun in their blood

Check it out!
Mae Dean and Wendell have also become invitation-only members of flickr's I Dug Wall Drug Photo Pool.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Friendly neighbors

WHEN? Tuesday · September 4

WHERE? Devils Tower National Monument

Before departing Devils Tower, Mae Dean said her final goodbyes to Oreo and Lola, a pair of charming and affectionate chihuahuas residing in the camper next door.

Puppy Love

Monday, September 3, 2007

More Wyoming wilderness

Grand Teton National Park panorama

WHEN? Monday · September 3

WHERE? Grand Teton National Park · find us on the map

President Roosevelt's historical description of Grand Teton National Park is still an accurate description over a century later:

Theodore Roosevelt quote

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Sunday, September 2, 2007

The summer's grand finale

WHEN? Sunday · September 2

WHERE? Yellowstone National Park · find us on the map

Wendell takes in the beauty of Yellowstone's scenery
Wendell oohs and aahs at its awesomeness (click here to see Mae Dean in Yellowstone)

The grandeur of Wyoming's Yellowstone National Park

Breathtaking scenery

Yellowstone rock formationWest Thumb Geyser BasinYellowstone sceneryChief Joseph Scenic Highway view

Abundant wildlife

  • Bison, bison and more bison
  • Bighorn sheep
  • Various other critters on the area's food chain

Awww a baby buffaloBighorn SheepThirsty BearThe Official Chipmunk of Yellowstone National Park

Rich history

  • The flight of the Nez Perce natives
  • Bridging Yellowstone's Golden Gate
  • Before sitting down to dinner, Mae Dean and Wendell enjoyed a gunslingin' shootout drama performed outside the restaurant by some colorful Wild West characters

Along the Nez Perce trailYellowstone's Golden Gate BridgeNot a real cowboy, but he sure acted like oneWild West characters

See more Yellowstone photos on flickr

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Steamy slideshow

WHEN? Saturday · September 1 · (today's second post)

WHERE? Yellowstone National Park

Wendell spaced out a half dozen photos to capture one of Old Faithful's eruptions:

Old Faithful slideshow 1Old Faithful slideshow 2Old Faithful slideshow 3
View Wendell's Old Faithful slideshow on Webshots
Old Faithful slideshow 4Old Faithful slideshow 5Old Faithful slideshow 6

Old Faithful

WHEN? Saturday · September 1 · (today's first post)

WHERE? Wyoming's Yellowstone National Park

After following directions to the Old Faithful webcam, Angie captured the photo below that features Mae Dean (circled in red) along with about a hundred other holiday-weekend travelers, at Yellowstone's most famous geyser:

Mae Dean (on her cell phone with Angie) appears in the lower lefthand portion of the photo
Wendell is also in the photo ... somewhere

Public webcams like this are fun. It's typical to find at least one traveler on their cellphone "talking to the camera" and/or waving in updated photos throughout the day.


Old Faithful on YouTube
30 seconds