Sunday, September 2, 2007

The summer's grand finale

WHEN? Sunday · September 2

WHERE? Yellowstone National Park · find us on the map

Wendell takes in the beauty of Yellowstone's scenery
Wendell oohs and aahs at its awesomeness (click here to see Mae Dean in Yellowstone)

The grandeur of Wyoming's Yellowstone National Park

Breathtaking scenery

Yellowstone rock formationWest Thumb Geyser BasinYellowstone sceneryChief Joseph Scenic Highway view

Abundant wildlife

  • Bison, bison and more bison
  • Bighorn sheep
  • Various other critters on the area's food chain

Awww a baby buffaloBighorn SheepThirsty BearThe Official Chipmunk of Yellowstone National Park

Rich history

  • The flight of the Nez Perce natives
  • Bridging Yellowstone's Golden Gate
  • Before sitting down to dinner, Mae Dean and Wendell enjoyed a gunslingin' shootout drama performed outside the restaurant by some colorful Wild West characters

Along the Nez Perce trailYellowstone's Golden Gate BridgeNot a real cowboy, but he sure acted like oneWild West characters

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  1. Not all these photos were taken in Yellowstone (the park), but they were all taken during that same time period. There was a spectacular drive from Cody to the park, and the period dressed people were involved in a shoot-out drama on the street in Cody and came into the same restaurant where we were dining.

  2. Thanks for adding the NatGeo video. Both the wolf story and mention of only 4,000 bison are testaments to how controlled its wildlife populations are. And with 2012 approaching, I suspect we'll begin hearing more Armageddonish concerns about a Yellowstone eruption.