Thursday, April 29, 2010

First-time lunch at Fish River Grill #2

WHEN? Thursday · April 29

WHERE? Foley, Alabama · find us on the map

KISS THE COOK at Fish River Grill
You'll note their little sign reads Kiss the Cook. Instead, I hugged one of their cooks who just went to work there.

We had heard good things about the original location of Fish River Grill at 8272 County Road 32, and then we began to hear about another location at 8272 Highway 59. We checked out the second location on Highway 59 today.

Word seems to have spread that it's a good place to eat, and they were very busy.

Some of the specialties shown on their Facebook are SWAMP BURGER AND SWAMP SOUP and the BEST GOLDEN FRIED CATFISH ALL-U-CAN-EAT EVERYDAY. Also they have Seafood (WD had the fried shrimp) and PoBoys, BIG burgers and ALABAMA Chicken Melt. They also mention they have a FULL BAR AT FOLEY #2. All of us enjoyed the Swamp Soup. I thought their French fries were good with my fried catfish sandwich (it may have been called a PoBoy).

You might want to check our their Facebook page at:
Fish River Grill on FacebookFish River Grill on Facebook

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Another visit to Stacey's Rexall

WHEN? Wednesday · April 28

WHERE? Foley, Alabama · find us on the map

Key Lime Pie at Stacey's soda fountain

Click on the photo above to see why we went to Stacey's today while we had visitors. It's a good place for lunch, and the Key Lime Shakes topped the meal off nicely. The photos taken today are included with our previous photos at Stacey's. You can view them on Flickr at:

Stacey's Rexall Drugs and Olde Tyme Soda Fountain

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Beach & LuLu'S

WHEN? Tuesday · April 27

WHERE? Gulf Shores, Alabama · find us on the map

Sand Dollars

We needed to go to the beach today while the weather was good and before Jerry left for Montgomery, Alabama to look up old friends and Air Force historical information. It turned out to be cooler than we would like, but we didn't have to share Gulf State Park with many people.

We stopped at LuLu’S on our way back for a couple of appetizers to curb our appetite until we had a real meal at home.

To see a few photos from our day's activities, visit:

2010-04-27 Hatfield's Visit

LuLuS bucket

Sunday, April 25, 2010

USS Alabama Battleship Park

WHEN? Sunday · April 25

WHERE? Mobile Bay · find us on the map

Tuckered out

Today's day trip occurred after Ella and I went to worship at Marlow UMC located four miles from our place on County Road 9. We stopped briefly to try our hand again at getting a better photo of the Malbis Greek Orthodox Church and went to a Mexican Restaurant for lunch before going over to Battleship Park beside Mobile Bay.

This is a very exercise intensive activity involving going up and down steep stairs and lots of walking. The women only made it to the deck of the submarine, so we only have a couple of photos to share on that part. You'll get some idea why we were "tuckered out" as you'll notice in our anchor photo (above) as we left the park to return home for some well-deserved R&R.

To view today's photos, go to:

2010-04-25 of Hatfield's Visit

Friday, April 23, 2010

A very full day

WHEN? Friday · April 23

WHERE? Bellingrath Gardens and Home · Theodore, Alabama

Since the Fairhope Pier was on our way to Bellingrath, we made a stop there and took a few photos and walked out to the end of the pier and back to get loosened up for all the walking at the gardens.

Bellingrath Gardens

We knew we were missing the display of azaleas, which had already passed. You can read about this in an April 10, 2010, article by Bill Finch at Azlaeas of Bellingrath; Gardens welcomes city’s famed blooms

BUT, there was plenty to look at and take photos of, which also included lots of walking. We thought we were never going to find the the Japanese Garden, which is now called the Oriental-American Garden, but we finally found it. Once we were in it, we began to think we were being held captive and would never get out of it. Finally we exited at the entrance where we came in. By that time, we were "Bellingrathed out" and hungry. The Magnolia Cafe near the garden entrance was in the process of closing by the time we got there, but they still had tuna salad and chicken salad sandwiches, which our appetites were more than prepared for.

Wendell pulled a fast one on us as we left there, and we returned a different way. Boy, was it a different way. He figured out a way to get to Dauphin Island and take the ferry from there back to the Mobile area on the other side of Mobile Bay.

You will not believe how many photos we took as well as two videos, which you can view at:

2010-04-23 Hatfield's Visit

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Do you know about this art form?

click on the image to see it better

WHEN? Anytime

WHERE? Republic of Panama

I'll give you a second or two to check your brain cells to see if you've ever seen one of these somewhere.

I am wondering how much these sell for nowadays. Also, do you know where you can buy some of these if you travel there on vacation?

It seems like I heard of someone who collected enough of these that they made a bedspread out of them. I'm sure I would love that because I love the bright colors.

Enough questions. Here's a Wikipedia article for you to read about the history of the art form.

Mola (art form).

We have not visited Panama, but we could have and in hindsight should have.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

A picture...

A picture is worth a thousand words and it's possible a video is even better (see the side bar).

This three point sermon is missing at least one more part:

Friday, April 9, 2010

Stop in Ocean Springs

WHEN? Thursday · April 8

WHERE? Ocean Springs, Mississippi · (On Biloxi Bay)

The Shed's easy-to-follow rules
On our return trip from Jackson to Lower Alabama, we were treated to a unique lunch along the way. Not only did we discover an interesting place to eat, but it's at a location that has many nearby attractions.

If you'll look at our Flickr photo album on this stop in detail, you can begin to realize what a vacation stop this is, whether you're an RVer or a regular traveler. We are always talking up how much better it is to be in a restful setting while on vacation rather than being in an urban motel, and this one can fill the bill for a more restful spot where one can relax while enjoying some typical attractions that will entertain all ages.

Check it out on flickr:
The Shed - Camp Journey's End in Ocean Springs, Mississippi

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring Break

WHEN? Tuesday · April 6

WHERE? Jackson, Mississippi · find us on the map

We love the new route we take from Lower Alabama to Jackson now. There is a place in the Biloxi-Gulfport area of Mississippi, where we get off of Interstate-10 to Interstate-110 and get on Highways 15/67 that is a much better place to part company with the interstate than continue to Highway 49 in Gulfport. This is a fairly new stretch of Highway and eventually this allows access to Highway 49 further along in the trip, Hattiesburg can be bypassed, and the trip seems shorter. It may possibly be a safer way to travel on to Jackson as well. Landmarks along this new part are St. Patrick Catholic High School and the Tradition campus of William Carey University.

We're kidding about spring break even though some of the schools are taking this week as Spring Break. This trip was actually a TCB* trip for an eye appointment, but we did take the opportunity to visit with some friends. This may not include many photos, but such as they are, you can view them at Spring 2010 and come back later to see more because our Spring Break will continue on indefinitely — because we are, after all, The Perpetual Vacationers.
*Taking Care of Business