Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Do you know about this art form?

click on the image to see it better

WHEN? Anytime

WHERE? Republic of Panama

I'll give you a second or two to check your brain cells to see if you've ever seen one of these somewhere.

I am wondering how much these sell for nowadays. Also, do you know where you can buy some of these if you travel there on vacation?

It seems like I heard of someone who collected enough of these that they made a bedspread out of them. I'm sure I would love that because I love the bright colors.

Enough questions. Here's a Wikipedia article for you to read about the history of the art form.

Mola (art form).

We have not visited Panama, but we could have and in hindsight should have.


  1. The same place where we took these pictures (our friends in Alexandria LA) is also the people whose mother made a bedspread out of these molas. Their whole house is full of molas. They even gave me a few small ones that they had not used in their decorating scheme.

  2. My email buddy, CZcentavo1 commented: "Made me home sick. You should plan a trip to Panama. I would say go SWA to Orlando then get COPA direct to Panama. You will need to go on a tour to get to the San Blas Islands where they are made by the Cuna Indians."