Sunday, April 18, 2010

A picture...

A picture is worth a thousand words and it's possible a video is even better (see the side bar).

This three point sermon is missing at least one more part:


  1. Just had to stop and drop a note to say how pretty all of the azaleas are. I happened upon your site one day while looking for Billy Pelletier. (He and my sister use to sing at Poppa Rocca's in the late 80's...and while my husband and I were going to be in GS this past winter, I was going to try to see him perform.) Enjoy your site....will stop by again...

  2. To Nonie: Just saw Billy Pelletier yesterday afternoon at Magnolia River Bar & Grill in Magnolia Springs. He plays most Sundays -- beginning at 4 PM. He also sells hot dogs on Hwy. 59 in Foley at a cart he has at Ace Hardware. You can see some of his photos at
    There's a photo album up somewhere at either Webshots or Flickr or both under the MAEDEANS user indentification that shows his surprise birthday party at MRBG.

  3. More to Nonie: You can view Billy Pelletier's surprise birthday party at:

  4. Thanks for sharing that info with me. Next time we get down to GS, I will definitely try to find him. If you see him soon, tell him Nonie and EJ said "hello".

    I'll keep checking in on your blog for more happenings in the area. (We use to live in Mobile and my parents--now deceased--retired to GS)

  5. To Nonie and EJ: I did see Billy last Sunday afternoon at Magnolia River Bar & Grill in Magnolia Springs, and relayed your "hello" to him. He said something like "I love those people."

    I also caught Billy at his hot dog stand outside ACE Hardware, 803 S Mckenzie St(Hwy 59), Foley, AL 36535, Phone: 251-943-1212, and had one of his steamed dogs, which was very good and cost only $2. I'm still not sure what days he is there, but this was on a Thursday.

  6. To Nonie -- little more about Billy. Here's something that was recorded today of Denny and Billy doing their KARAOKE PLUS at Magnolia River Bar & Grill at Magnolia Springs, Alabama. I find that I get better viewing results when I put these short videos on YouTube.
    If you need to, copy and paste this into a browser to see it: