Friday, June 22, 2012

Our Trip to Branson, Missouri

We've been RVing since 2004, but this blog did not begin until April of 2007. We were reminded of a very enjoyable vacation we took before we even had an RV. It took place in 2001 in Branson, Missouri.

Branson is known for their many theaters and live shows to enjoy. We took in at least three of those shows, and I've found some photos from that trip to share.
Branson 2001

We did look much younger back then. After all, eleven years does make a difference.

While in Branson, we also spent a day at an amuzement park -- Silver Dollar City.

The most spectacular and most expensive show we saw was a dance show similar to River Dance. If you ever have a chance to see such a show, you'll never forget it.

Apparently Branson will be celebrating their 100th year next month.


  1. I'd like to go to Branson!
    This blog looks nice, I like the heading picture!

    1. Thank you, Nancy. I had a tough time getting it to look this way. I don't really have any of my own software for photo manipulation anymore. The photo is sort of like "the one who got away" fishing story. We were in such a hurry to get to the Grand Canyon, that we didn't even visit Monument Valley on the way.

  2. My family visited Branson for two nights in 2004 while Lori was in boot camp. I'd purchased a vacation package that included two shows, one of which I intended to be Riverdance. After memorizing the schedules and choosing what-to-see-when, we purchased tickets for our second evening at Dolly Parton. Upon arriving at the Riverdance theater, though, I learned that the first night's show we were trying to purchase tickets for had been cancelled. Although the second night was still available, our DP purchase was non-refundable and our plans couldn't be changed.

    So no Riverdance. I was incredibly disappointed and still am.

    1. I don't believe I knew about this. Don't blame you one bit for being disappointed. What a let down!