Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mississippi Gulf Coast

On a very brief trip over to parts of the Mississippi Gulf Coast, we wanted to share some of our experiences and photos from mostly the return trip to Alabama today.

We took care of some business in Waveland, Mississippi. Actually, I’d say the first part of the visit was more like a mission trip that was accomplished because it was not impossible. Then the last part was visiting with old-time friends.

On Monday, we took Interstate 10 into Gulfport to shop at Best Buy. As we speeded up to enter the interstate, I notice a stone sign about the Katrina High Water Mark. I did not get a photo and did not find one by searching the internet, but I do believe this article on July 22, 2011, is about the sign: Bay wants to ‘camouflage’ storm markers

We chose to come back a little longer route by heading south to get on Highway 90 and then drive along the world’s longest man-made beach. That’s the trivia WDS seemed to know, and I’m taking his word for it.

Parts of the drive home were a little depressing because there were still signs of damage from where Hurricane Katrina destroyed areas which were empty of residences and businesses. However, much had been built back. Also the weather was great as compared with the very hard rains we drove in coming over.

We divided the photos into two parts. The first album is:
Along the Mississippi Gulf Coast. The two last photos were taken in Mobile, Alabama, where we stopped for a late lunch.

Gulf Islands National Seashore encompasses territory in both Florida and Mississippi, and is therefore separated into two districts. The Mississippi District includes Davis Bayou, and may be reached in Ocean Springs, Mississippi, which we traveled through today on the way back to Alabama.

We enjoyed visiting their Visitors Center and boardwalks and seemed to have the place to ourselves except for one small skink we encountered on the boardwalk just behind the Visitors Center. Our photos from the visit may be seen at:
Davis Bayou ~ Gulf Islands National Seashore.

We have no photos to show we drove through a nice old fashioned downtown in Ocean Springs that we hope to return to and just walk around there. Somewhere in the same area is the Walter Anderson Museum of Art we hope to visit on another trip.

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