Saturday, July 30, 2011

Gulf State Park Pier

Did you know the Gulf State Park Pier is the longest pier in the Gulf of Mexico? We didn't until we visited it today.

Not only do we know more about the pier than we did before we visited, but there were several surprises.
• the pier has a nice, large parking lot
• no charge is required for visiting the entrance-first platform of the pier
• many varieties of salt water fish may be caught from the pier
• many people were using the beach area by the pier
• emerald green water was on display at this location on Saturday

Once we paid our $2 each to sightsee on the remainder of the pier, that was very interesting and educational itself. Those that were fishing had paid $8 a person, plus they also had to have Salt Water Fishing Licenses, which are sold at the first platform area.

I was pleased to see there was a small shaded area on the pier where one could fish.

Perhaps you will want to visit the pier also after viewing our photos and videos:
Gulf State Park Pier

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