Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Filipino Inmates Learn Dance

WHEN? Tuesday · January 26

WHERE? The Philippines in Southeast Asia

Here's the first thing we saw this morning on Yahoo:

Michael Jackson's Choreographer Teaches
Dancing Filipino Prisoners 'This Is It' Routine

This reminded us that we did not share with you some of the good activities we enjoyed on the Carnival Fantasy Fun Ship on our recent cruise. One of the things we never miss on these cruises are their evening shows in the main theater. They have a group of performers that are very entertaining. Our favorite shows were nonstop dancing and singing. The last one was a tribute to The Beatles. These were young people. They had to be to perform the way they did. About the time we thought they would surely slow the pace because of exhaustion, they'd crank it up again.

Let me put up a disclaimer for the other vacationer associated with this travel blog. This probably would not interest him in the least. He may not have a box in his brain to even cover this subject. However, he does enjoy shows like the ones we saw on the Fantasy. We are moving into our Netflix mood again now that some of the TV sports we watch are about to wind down for awhile. We need some recommendations for music and documentary videos to watch. If you've seen any really good movies, those would interest us as well. Forget the action movies, we're interested in stuff like Forrest Gump and Driving Miss Daisy.

Here's those videos that came with the Yahoo article:


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  2. Thanks for sharing this story and video. The Philipino prisoners' world-famous Thriller dance is one of my favorites, and I enjoyed this delightful followup. After recently cancelling a goofy Movie Gallery Powerplay membership, I intend to re-enlist with Netflix and add This Is It to my queue.

    For what it's worth ...
    Although online translators are full of imperfections, I typically use Microsoft Translator. (I'd have provided a link for convenience, but Bing links evidently aren't permitted in google-blogger comments. That's reasonable, I suppose.)