Monday, January 4, 2010

Slideshow 'Anna Kostenko Painting+1'

WHEN? Probably never except by armchair

WHERE? Possibly France, Germany, Ireland, Poland, Spain, etc...

An email correspondent sent me a powerpoint slide show attached to an email. The email claimed the images were paintings instead of photographs. I have serious doubts about the images being paintings instead of photographs. In spite of this, I feel there is the opportunity to see some beautiful images. The second slide describes the artist thusly:

Anna Kostenko was born in 1975 in Kiev, Ukraine, and lived and worked in Kraków (aka Cracow), Poland since 1991. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków, where she studied painting from 1993 to 1998. She has had three exhibitions of works of art in Jorgensen and created many beautiful paintings since its release in 1999. Her fascination with different cultures has led to extensive travels that inspired her work, which has been shown in many countries, including Poland, France, Germany, Ireland and Spain.
I invite you to look at this slide show as armchair travel even though I am convinced it is a hoax of sorts. You might even try to guess what the images depict and make up your own mind on whether the artist described could have possibly created this many paintings in her short life of 35 years. I think someone is really having fun with us on this one as in LOL!

Anna-kostenko_Painting 1

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Apparently there is an Anna Kostenko who is an artist and painted a painting found at Anna Kostenko Artist - Anna Kostenko Paintings.


  1. I suspect PlanetaryButterfly's slideshare comment is the key to figuring out the source of the confusion.

    · There's one Anna Kostenko who is a painter, as described in your post, and
    · There's another Anna Kostenko who is an accomplished photographer and whom she shared a photo of in her slideshare comment: Anna Kostenko the photographer is pictured second-from-left

    PlanetaryButterfly went on to explain that these two artists have been confused so that the photos featured in this powerpoint presentation have been improperly credited to the painter. Rather than an outright hoax, slideshare member George Martin indicated that he didn't intend to deceive. Just a mistake.

  2. BTW I was unable to access the powerpoint slideshow from either your blog or the authorSTREAM page from which it's embedded. I ended up viewing the photos by clicking the arrows on George Martin's slideshare page.

  3. Well, I also suspected that they weren't real paintings. There are a couple of sites with Anna Kostenko's work. Photography and Art. Separate. They might even be two different people (I haven't checked that).

    The artwork can be seen here

    Very nice work! No connection to the "artwork" in the PP show.

    That's because it's not artwork, it's photography!

    Hope this helps to set the record straight ... and even this is only half-done. We'd really have to ask Anna Kostenko herself. Where are you Anna?

  4. Elona, thank you for your comment. I think it pretty much settles the issue of what the photos are in the slide show on this blog post. I suppose the same person could have taken the photographs in the slide show and also painted the paintings, which are very different from the photos, but I doubt it. In my 'net research, I discovered there are quite a few people named Anna Kosteko.

  5. This is no reflection on the individual who had the slideshow up on their website where this quote of a comment appeared. It's just for my reader's information. Here's the comment quote:

    annakostenko has made this follow-up comment on the slideshow 'Anna Kostenko Painting+1'.

    "Hi everyone, my name is Anna Kostenko, and I am a PAINTER, i have nothing to do with the pictures on that presentation. Whoever did that slide-show did do any fawers to me, or to the other Anna Kostenko, Photografer.... Yes there are two Anna Kostenko's. One is a painter, another is a photografer. Is it so hard to imagine?....... And, i think we both deserve an apology for that non-sens slide-show, the biografy and the picture are mine, but for my works the anonimus-author would have to search a bit harder..... yours, Anna Kostenko, the Painter. E-mail :"

    This is just an aside from me about the computer problems I have been having. Recently my laptop was again in the repair shop to have infections by various viruses removed and repaired, which I think may have come from one of the many various websites I have visited to prepare airchair travel posts to places I'll not likely ever visit. So, I'm giving the advice now to be very careful to keep AV and anti-spyware definitions up-to-date and think twice before visiting such websites

  6. So I guess that settles it :)

  7. To Elona:

    I guess it does settle it :)

    I am happy it generated some comments.