Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Gull Watching

WHEN? Thursday · April 30

WHERE? Orange Beach, Alabama · find us on the map

This morning we gathered up our recently-purchased beach gear and headed for Romar Beach. We have never been on the beach this early in the year, and it was absolutely wonderful! We didn't even break a sweat, and could've just as well left the little misting fan at home.

Gulf Coast seagulls evidently realize that people mean food and stay very alert to the possibility. They're excellent beggars, and we couldn't resist tossing up several bites to watch them expertly snatch up the food in midair. I suspect these birds have sharp eyesight, and perhaps a keen sense of smell as well.

Mae Dean shows off her thriftiness
by modeling the same beachwear four years later

Mae Dean's 2004 beach shirt
Mae Dean's 2008 beach shirt
Special significance:
Today's beach visit is Wendell's first since beating cancer in 2005.

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  1. Sarah ShongMay 06, 2008

    Maedean & Wendell,

    Thanks for posting a comment on our "blog". (We're the other "full-time RVers".) As you noticed, I haven't maintained it despite my best intentions. I'm intimidated by the amount of time needed to keep up with it. I notice you don't post every day; that helps me feel less pressured. Do you find Blogspot easy to work with? I've used Webshots before to display specific photos for family access. Maybe I'll screw up the courage to take up our blog again this year! Any tips or words of encouragement?

    We spent Thanksgiving 2005 with friends at Gulf Shores State Park, and enjoyed the area.

    We're in Mission, TX, where we've recently bought 2 RV lots as an investment (will be leased out) and built a house (winter perch only; will travel each summer and take short trips during the winter). We're birders and this is a world-recognized birding destination.

    Thanks again,

    Sarah Shong