Wednesday, May 14, 2008

When local flavor ... isn't

WHEN? Wednesday · May 14

WHERE? Grenada, Mississippi · find us on the map

Detour along the road to Olive Branch:

Part of vacationing means enjoying the food, and we sometimes return to restaurants where we had great meals years before. So as lunchtime approached, we agreed to visit a downtown eatery that used to be open only on weekdays. Although we knew it had closed and re-opened, we hoped the new owners would be putting out similar fare. Places change, though, and searching for fond memories can sometimes feel more like driving around in the Twilight Zone.

After realizing that our old favorite was no longer serving lunch, we mistakenly tried a downtown bistro whose name suggested it served traditional New Orleans food.

Hindsight: It wasn't the place we'd previously enjoyed. And in spite of its name, we weren't in New Orleans.

Lesson learned: Don't try this strategy to re-live an old vacation memory. Chances are slim that this will occur at a different place.

A better idea: Keep a lookout for full parking lots, which suggest that the restaurant's food and service are worth stopping for.

At least this place deserves credit for kinda resembling French Quarter architecture

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