Sunday, March 30, 2008

Exploring the neighborhood

WHEN? Sunday · March 30

WHERE? Fairhope, Alabama · find us on the map

A lovely Sunday drive! Our first stop along the Scenic 98 route was the beautiful St. Francis At The Point Protestant Episcopal Church in Point Clear.

St. Francis on the Point

On down the road, we stopped at a mansion on the bay that was for sale and couldn't resist taking a few pictures of its tall azaleas. Robust azaleas similar to those at Bellingrath Gardens are common around Lower Alabama, and oftentimes grow up to the eaves. Everything just grows bigger down here because of the warm weather and plenty of rain.

Mae Dean's size comparison to the azaleas
Toldja they were big!

Next, we stopped for a walk on Fairhope's bayfront park pier and had lots of company on such a beautiful day. Some were just enjoying the pleasant weather, like we were. Others were fishing, including several with fairly large collections of fishing gear on wheels. When they have that much equipment (half a dozen or more fishing poles), I classify them as professional fishermen. Yardarm Restaurant & Marina, a mom-and-pop restaurant, is located along the pier. Although it's closed on Sundays during the off-season, it was recommended by a Point Clear resident that I know from working at the bank in Jackson, and we expect to try it one day soon.

Yardarm Restaurant

We could barely see Mobile's skyline from the end of the pier. Our stroll turned out to be some welcome exercise, since there's no way to get back to shore except to turn around and walk back.

I was surprised to see the Ole Bay Mercantile doing business on a Sunday afternoon with their open door beckoning me inside. It's the kind of shop I just love to browse in similar to visiting a museum.

Invitation to come in and browse at Ole Bay MercantileThey had some battery-operated votive candles, along with a group of cute nose holders for eyeglasses. Maybe one of them would help me keep up with my specs. I expect to return and purchase several items after giving myself a night or two to sleep on it. (Avoids impulse-buy regrets.)

To see more photos that both Wendell and I took today, visit:

Sunday afternoon in LA on flickr

  • By studying the stunning photos in Flickr's Fairhope photo pool, I'm hoping to identify things I can improve in my own photography (or at least copycat). Photos by Flickr member Jeremy Charles are among my favorites.
  • Also on Flickr, this Ole Bay Mercantile Christmas display reminded me that lights were strung on the trees in downtown Fairhope. I can hardly wait to go back later this year to see it dressed up during the holidays.
  • Honorable Mention: A website dedicated to photos of Beautiful Fairhope

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    Hello Wendell and MaeDean! My name is Linda Muse and I "know" you from the "Now U R Cooking" list. I really enjoy reading blogs and have bookmarked yours to see where life next takes you. My parents lived the RVing life for many years before my mother became unable to travel. Your blogs remind me so much of them. They did not keep a blog (Dad prefers Ham radio to computers) but my mom always kept a calendar where she wrote down what they did and saw every day. I live in South America so I keep a blog to keep my parents up-to-date on our family. You can visit it if you want at: