Monday, January 21, 2008

Home of the Blue Angels

WHEN? Monday · January 21

WHERE? South Baldwin County, Alabama · find us on the map

Motorhome parked at: Rainbow Plantation in Summerdale

Known as The Cradle of Naval Aviation, Pensacola is home to the National Naval Aviation Museum, and its Naval Air Station is home to the Blue Angels demonstration flight team. As we took a drive to re-familiarize ourselves with the area, we were certainly reminded of this: Blue Angels-this, Blue Angels-that — at one point we were even traveling along Blue Angels Parkway. And they deserve every bit of the hype: We had the opportunity to watch the Blue Angels during a photo shoot over Devils Tower last July, and they're downright impressive.Blue Angels 2007 visit to Devils Tower
Since we expect our stay in LA to be busy, chances are we won't catch one of the weekly Blue Angels practice shows that are popular with area visitors. But I won't soon forget last summer's combination of their remarkable show over such a grand monument:

The Perpetual Vacationers 7/26/2007
Angels above

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