Sunday, November 1, 2015


May be 1st photo of trip as we are approaching Mississippi River Bridge ~
 This 2-lane bridge leaves the Mississippi Delta on the eastern side and arrives in Helena, Arkansas.
This was a trip to see some fall foliage and a different landscape than our Lower Alabama home
where it is mostly flat and has very little of the colors of autumn.
The trip was hampered by gloomy weather and even rain at times making the visibility poor.
We had our Canon and Sony cameras with us but only took a few photos.
We arrived in Bentonville, Arkansas, on Sunday, October 25, 2015,
Afterwards we enjoyed lunch in Rogers, Arkansas, where we had a wonderful meal of Red Beans and Rice at Copeland's of New Orleans since 1983 while enjoying the live music of a jazz combo.
This day included the HIGHS and the LOWS of the trip.
As we were traveling down the interstate, traffic in front of us came to a complete stop.
We slammed on our brakes and avoided hitting the vehicle in front of us.
A second or two later, we were rear-ended by the vehicle behind us.
After going through all the necessities required after such an accident,
two Springdale policemen took us to the local airport,
which was the only place to rent a car.
From that point own, we just headed back toward home as speedily as possible.
Silver Lining:  Neither of us were injured nor the people who hit us.
Photos from the trip (such as they are):

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  1. Actual date this occurred was on November 28, 2015: We now know we can eat wonderful red beans and rice in a great restaurant and not have a wreck on the interstate the afternoon afterwards. The restaurant was Crescent City Grill in Hattiesburg MS and the interstate and other roads traveled were from Hattiesburg to our home in Alabama. There was more and More and MORE traffic the closer we got to home on BLACK FRIDAY.