Monday, February 3, 2014

Alberta, Canada

Here's an "armchair travel" post I'm sharing because I think you'll enjoy it as I did. Actually, travel posts have gone up on both our blogs today.

This video was produced by Travel Alberta and brought to you on YouTube by Travelindex and the Travel & Tourism Foundation. For more information on Alberta please visit

With its vast blue skies, magnificent Canadian Rockies, rolling fields of wheat, boreal forests and the Canadian Badlands, there is something for every visitor. Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy everything from, kayaking, hiking, rafting, skiing and rock climbing to picnics in an alpine meadow or camping. Nature buffs will marvel at the wonderful wildlife. Anglers can find a lake, river or stream nearby that offers great fishing. For those of you who harbor an inner cowboy, take in the "Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth" - the Calgary Stampede.

Remember to Breath – Alberta, Canada

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  1. As the images flashed across my screen, I recalled a favorite Lewis Grizzard quote:

    Life is like a dogsled team: If you ain't the lead dog, the scenery never changes.