Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Niña & Pinta replicas at Lulu's Marina

The Niña & Pinta replicas have been open for tours at LuLu's Marina. Today is the the last day because the ships leave early Monday.

For those who have lived in the Gulf Coast area (Gulf Shores, Alabama), the same opportunity presented itself a few years ago.

Since I like history, and this is just a bit like stepping back to the time when some have reported Columbus discovered America while he was trying to find a western route to India, it is neat.

We both struggled to take some photos that were worth viewing. Pretty sure WDS took the one above. You can see our other efforts at: The Niña & Pinta replicas open for tours at LuLu's Marina

Here's a website that explains what this is and the 6-minute video from Iowa is very good.
Discover Columbus' Ships

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  1. I climbed aboard with my kids as part of a homeschool field trip when one of these ships docked at Mud Island in Memphis a number of years ago. Quite a commitment for its crew!