Saturday, June 18, 2011

7th Annual Balloon Festival

WHERE? Foley, Alabama · find us on the map

As I discovered from talking with my Flickr friend, Brody, not all hot air balloon festivals are equal or the same. We waited quite a long time today before any balloons showed up. If you had seen the dark storm clouds in the sky, you would not have wondered why. For awhile, we thought they would not show up at all. And, when they did, the sun still was not getting though on a regular basis, so not many photos of them were worth keeping.

See our photos on flickr:

Balloon Festival 2011

To see some really professional photos taken on various days of the festival, see Brody J's photos on flickr:

Foley Balloon Fest 2011

The website for the festival is very informative, and we encourage you to visit it not only for information about this year's festival but also some facts about upcoming balloon festivals.

Gulf Coast Hot Air Balloon Festival

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