Saturday, April 30, 2011

Auntie Bo's Family Restaurant

WHEN? Saturday · April 30 ·

WHERE? Foley Alabama

One of the perks of being THE PERPETUAL VACATIONERS is learning about restaurants we haven't tried. This morning we visited Auntie Bo's for breakfast. Although we're usually not buffet fans, the specials we saw on the boards sounded appetizing and were reasonably priced. Getting our money's worth is perhaps the biggest advantage to visiting this restaurant. I would emphasize the FAMILY part of their description because it is definitely difficult to take out a whole family for a meal and everyone be reasonably satisfied. Most people like fried chicken, and it's offered every day. Our neighbor said the prime rib special is done right.

If I lived closer to this restaurant, it would probably tempt me every day because of the vegetables and salad bar. Our server mentioned that they do have a menu besides the terrific breakfast special that is especially cooked for each customer – and once we learned what it included, we didn't even look at the menu.

So now you have had our review, such as it is, since we're not really critics. We typically don't have trouble liking food wherever we dine. If we really can't recommend a restaurant, we just don't mention it much at all on our blog.

While there we took some photos, which may be seen on Flickr at:

Auntie Bo's Family Restaurant

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  1. I'm sorry to report that this restaurant has gone out of business. I'm guessing that the people who owned it wanted to be on a Perpetual Vacation like we are because their business seemed to be very good.