Friday, September 3, 2010

Are You Ready For Some Football?

This blog post was definitely a joint venture, and we really want to help all of you out to get ready for the football season of 2010.

It takes a little more effort now that we are out of our stomping grounds for many years in Mississippi, but we hope some of our friends back in Mississippi will appreciate this post as well as our new friends in Alabama.

We are fully aware that Alabama came out No. 1 last year, and it seems like from what the sports commentators are saying this year, they may do it again.

But, we are definitely dyed-in-the-wool maroon and white fans, and have always supported them, whether or not they were doing well.

State rivalries are well known in many states. We are familiar particularly with Texas-Texas A&M, Ole Miss-Mississippi State, and Alabama-Auburn, but they are certainly not the only states with rivalries.

The Southern Golden Eagles did not do too well in last night's opening game against the North Carolina Gamecocks as they came out on the short end of the final score of 41-13. We also flipped around for some other first games of the season on TV last night.

Take a look at a Flickr set we put up just today at:
Are you ready for some football?

We hope the football schedules included in the above set will help you out as you arrange your own schedules as the football season is underway.

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  1. You can read about Miss State's 49-7 win over Memphis in the season opening Saturday, Sept. 4, in the Jackson Clarion-Ledger at: