Wednesday, August 18, 2010

525,600 Minutes

This post is related to a post on July 18, 2010, entitled Choir Concert at Marlow Church. This was a concert by the Sonshine Choir from Brentwood UMC, Brentwood, Tennessee.

I now have an audio music CD of their 2008-2009 tour, and the song in the videos below is one of the tracks on it.

The video below is one taken from one of the closest rows of seats to the stage, so maybe you can pretend, like I did that the camera was in my hands and I was sitting right there.

I would have loved to be there on the final Broadway performance. Or, for that matter, any other Broadway performance of RENT.

Macy's thought it was a good way to advertise on TV:

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  1. Found a video on YouTube for this choir at: