Monday, March 15, 2010


WHEN? Anytime

WHERE? Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

Over the years we have enjoyed searching for waterfalls while on vacation. This photo is one located in Australia, and we found on Webshots:

Tasmanian Secret
by surfthenet on Webshots

Photographer's comments:
"These beautiful falls are not named, or signed. Was an accident that I even found them, getting lost is a wonderful way to find somewhere you haven't been. At the base of Mount Wellington, Hobart, I'm sure someone knows where these are. I think the stream came from the mountain, snow melt or rain. Beautiful and fresh, and quite cool. — Hobart, Tasmania, Australia"

We particularly had a good time searching for waterfalls in Georgia a number of years ago (possibly 15 or more) along with two other couples who were great company. We miss 'em terribly, but still stay in touch.

Although I haven't been to Australia, I know several people who have, and even have a souvenir from there:

Koala Book Marker on flickr

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