Thursday, September 11, 2008

waves Waves WAVES

WHEN? Thursday · September 11

WHERE? Gulf Shores, Alabama · find us on the map

WHY? Winds from the edge of Hurricane Ike

Gentle breezes are what we are used to in Lower Alabama. So when we started having noticeable winds, we knew something was up. And that something was the outer edge of Hurricane Ike.

Our sense of adventure and goofiness about photos led us to Gulf State Park where a big stretch of beach is accessible to the public from a long boardwalk leading from East Beach Boulevard.

We knew we were in for quite a show because the big waves on the Gulf horizon were clearly visible from the road. Then the sand being whipped up by the winds stung our legs as we walked across the road from the public parking.

One other couple was at the end of the boardwalk looking at the waves and taking photos like we were. This was one of those scenes when you just had to be there or, perhaps, have a video camera. I doubt even a video could have captured the few minutes we were there experiencing the powerful waves rushing to the beach. It is not difficult to see how such storms erode beaches.

There’s very little contrast in our photos because so much of the powerful waves were the same light color. Even the sky was almost blending in with the sand and waves.

See our photos on flickr:
Wind and Waves from Hurricane Ike

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