Sunday, July 6, 2008

Pirates Cove

WHEN? Sunday · July 6

WHERE? Josephine, Alabama · find us on the map

Pirates Cove · No Wake
NO WAKE - Pirates Cove
Photo Credit: flickr member us1mm0

After learning about Pirates Cove from others, Wendell and I took a Sunday afternoon drive to this out-of-the-way beach near Elberta.

Josephine Alabama is an ideal place — not only a boater's paradise, but a boater's wife and children's paradise as well. Touching Perdido Bay to the south, it's just a few minutes boat ride from the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico, yet is surrounded by beaches and a picturesque bay setting of small uninhabited islands.

from Josephine's realty website

Although paradise is accurate, Pirates Cove was certainly not uninhabited when we were there. Indeed it was inhabited by "laid back" adults in beach attire, barefooted children running into the water and playing with abandon — and lots of dogs. Everyone was enjoying the afternoon in their own way, including us. For many who live the daily rat race of making a living, a place like this would be an ideal vacation. Some lucky people even live here year round.

Since we didn't bring our camera, we don't have any photos of our own to post, but we discovered many others at Pirates Cove Yacht Club.

The Yacht Club designates an official
Pirates Cove Dog of the Month
downloadable application ►

Applicants are encouraged to give special attention to the EXPEDITED APPROVAL instructions included on the application.

Click for full-size application

SLOW DOWN and watch for pedestrians Update 7/12/2008

The following weekend, we returned to Pirates Cove on an overcast day and took some photos. After everyone scurried indoors to escape the afternoon thunderstorm, we found some new Flickr friends — or rather, they found us.

This place is so much fun, we expect to return frequently.

See more Pirates Cove photos on flickr

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  1. Glad to see that the high price of gas hasn't cut into your travels, at least close to home. Y'all really seem to be visiting every nook and cranny for LA. Enjoy what you can!!!