Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Country Roads

WHEN? Wednesday · February 20 (today's first post)

WHERE? Rural South Mississippi · find us on the map

Making our way northward from the Gulf Coast, we traveled along South Mississippi's rural roads around Wiggins, Brooklyn, and Carnes, in the area where Wendell's maternal grandparents lived.

Sights along the way:

A FEMA Staging Area with so many abandoned Katrina trailers that I couldn't even estimate how many. Since the site's entrance signs discouraged visitors, we didn't stop to investigate.


A horse-and-buggy SHARE THE ROAD sign similar to those we encountered in Kansas last April.

We never did see a buggy.

Be a polite motorist:  Share the Road
Mississippi celebrity storyteller* Walt Grayson is as kind as he is knowledgeable — and even answers his own emails. Realizing that he's probably covered this territory, I asked him if this area of the state is home to any Amish families. In his classic style, Walt promptly responded to my question – and then some:
"A family of German Baptists lives out that way. They have similar beliefs as the Amish. No electricity, no telephone, no cars. I guess gas prices don't bother them. But they don't get far from home that way.

Actually, one of the daughters is a world traveler. Takes flights all over from what I understand. I just don't know for sure how she gets back and forth from the airport."

Not Amish, but Amish-ish. Walt's intriguing explanation encouraged me to poke around on the Internet a bit more, where I ...

*So much more than a storyteller, Walt Grayson is well-known around Mississippi and the Mid-South for a number of reasons:

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