Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Yer oogly-oogly-ugly*

WHEN? Last weekend

WHERE? Wall Drug in beautiful South Dakota

Forgot to mention this earlier ...
Wendell and Mae Dean recently had the displeasure of meeting South Dakota's ugliest cowboy:

The monster of Wall Drug
On the bright side, this guy
could make Elwood feel attractive

* Yo momma says you oogly

... is from Wildcats ghetto-riffic cheerleaders' version of The Ugly Cheer. View the link here to see the Wildcats U-G-L-Y Cheer on YouTube.

SNL's Spartan cheerleaders made this cheer a pop-culture favorite, YouTube users began posting their own goofy versions.


  1. Hi! I have thoroughly enjoyed your fantastic travel blog! It's the most fun blog ever. But the first thing I read when I visited is the title "Yer ooogly!" and I'm wondering who's saying that? I believe I can attribute this remark to Wendell! Am I right? Well, I tell ya, he's Trouble with a capital T. Hahaha! But then I scrolled down and looked at the picture and...yipes! Indeed, that's one ugly cowboy.

    It was a pleasure meeting you both today at the photog class. I love your photography! Thanks for sharing and God bless you on your journey.

    Escapees Rule! :)

  2. Not a rap fan atol, but this UTube video just might be the younger generation's answer to Hee-Haw, the Cornfield County TV show from years ago >>>>>>>