Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Close Encounters: We are not alone

WHEN? Tuesday · May 15

WHERE? Devils Tower National Monument · find us on the map

Mr. McGregor must've been an evil man;  this critter's just too cute to harmFind the hidden turkey

Wyoming's abundant native wildlife is a daily reminder that Mae Dean and Wendell's citi-fied lives have been left behind in Mississippi. Wendell reports that there's so many rabbits "you almost step on them", and Mae Dean has had daily encounters with herds of deer. A neighboring prairie dog town is such a prevalent part of the landscape that it's even included in the Devils Tower Park map. They've also seen many birds, including vultures, turkeys, a bald eagle, and the biggest robins Wendell's ever seen.

Turkey Vulture
A face only a mother could love
At the top of the food chain ... kinda

Gazillions of prairie dogs
Mounds of dirt that move

This morning's well-camouflaged visitor
Click here for signs of other life forms in Devils Tower National Park
Erethizon dorsatum · Porcupine

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